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Post-Purge Tips 'N' Tricks

Because all good things come to an end.

After all the excitement of the big night, returning to everyday life may feel disorientating at first. Here are our tips for dealing with those post-Purge repercussions and getting back on track.

A Happy Home

After hosting family and friends, or possibly uninvited guests, getting your place back into shape can be a daunting task.

If you have kids, why not turn your tidy-up into a game for all the family, with prizes for those who help the most or clean the fastest? When it comes to broken windows, a quick fix will help secure your home until you get a permanent replacement. Patch small scratches and holes with nail polish, and if an entire pane needs replacing, cover the area with layers of trash bags.

Quick Off the Mark

The longer stains of any kind set, the more difficult they will be to remove, so check your furniture, carpets and clothing for stains as soon as possible. Our Purge Away Vicious Stain Depurgent works great on splatter, deep stains and fluids, so your belongings will be as clean as your conscience. Rub away the mess, not the memories!

Who You Gonna Call?

Emergency services will be back in action from 9am, however they will be experiencing high call volumes at this time. Only call 911 if you require emergency assistance. Instead of licking your wounds, why not check in with a friend or family member and swap stories about your Purge Night antics. Pop in to any store and share your stories with our friendly staff!

Clean Teams

As with any good celebration there's always a little mess! If possible, avoid using your vehicle until our clean up teams have done their job. Expect travel disruptions nationwide, so don't make any unnecessary plans. Instead, use this time as an opportunity to get your neighbors together and do your bit with a community clean up. You could even have a cookout while you clean!

Post-Purge Blues

That festive feeling can fade quickly when you're faced with the aftermath. If you find you still have the urge to Purge, talk to a friend or family member about it. Eat healthily, drink lots of water and try to rest easy knowing you did your bit for our great country.

And if all else fails, why not start planning for next year's Purge!?

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