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  • "I thought I was too old to Purge, but Purge Shopping Channel helped me realize that exercising my 28th Amendment rights is not a choice... it's a duty, no matter the age! Plus, their senior discounts are hard to beat."Mrs. J. Ramirez, Ohio
  • "As a mother of 5 rowdy middle-aged men who LOVE to Purge, I can't recommend Purge Shopping Channel highly enough! Purge Shopping Channel helps my family transform every Purge Night into Party Night!"Mrs. H. Targowski, New Mexico
  • "As a true patriot, I believe it's every American's duty to buy from Purge Shopping Channel at least once in their lives. The amount of excellent quality, made-in-America products and celebratory materials brought a tear to my eye. Keep flying that flag, Purge Shopping Channel!!!!!"Ms. P. Hildermeer, Alaska