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This Couple Found Love on Purge Night!

He went out to find his enemies! But found a wife instead!

The last thing Christopher Middleton expected when he set out to destroy his enemies on Purge Night was to meet the woman who would become his wife 4 months later.

"It was literally the last thing on my mind." Chris told us when he called in to Purge Shopping Channel.

"I'd been single for about a year and had pretty much given up hope. I felt Purge Night would be a good chance to, you know, get out there and take out my frustrations on my enemies. But I never expected it to lead to me meeting the love of my life!"

The 29-year-old realtor encountered his soulmate while trying to break-in to an SUV. "I always wanted an SUV, so when I saw this one unguarded on the street on Purge Night I thought it was a dream come true. But as I was twisting a screwdriver into the lock mechanism, I felt a sudden, sharp pain on the back of my head."

"...That's because I'd just hit him with my new baseball bat!" Claims Emma, Chris's now wife. "He looked dazed at first, but when his focus came back our eyes met and, well, that was it. Love at first sight!"

The couple resisted giving in to their urge to Purge that evening, and instead went for coffee at Chris's house. "I reassured Emma that I had the most secure house on the block, so I think she was quite impressed by my Purge preparation skills."

They spent the rest of the night talking about past Purges and how they could Purge together in the future and one day maybe Purge with the entire family!

The couple, who married 4 months after meeting, have already planned ten Purges ahead and have become the embodiment of the 28th Amendment!

Congratulations Chris and Emma, you are true patriots and we wish you good luck and good purging for many years to come.

The Purge: 10 Episode Television Event - Sept 4 on USA