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Top Tips for the Perfect Purge Party

To Purge or Protect? Either way, we've got you covered!

Does the idea of spending another Purge Night locked in your basement leave you feeling bummed out? Fear not, your friends at Purge Shopping Channel have shared their top tips for turning Purge Night into PARTY Night!

Food & Drink

They say an army marches on its stomach, and that's never more true than on Purge Night. If you're planning to get out there and get amongst the action, then 'carb-loading' a few days before the big night is a great idea! Think pasta, potatoes, bread and if you want that extra boost, why not grab a Purge Energy drink from Purge Shopping Channel.

If you're planning on staying indoors, why not make a night of it and invite trusted friends and family members for finger foods or even a themed feast. Of course, cocktails always make any party swing, but remember to use PH strips to check all drinks for poison before consumption.


If you're exercising your 28th Amendment Rights on the streets, you will be making your own entertainment. However, should you be behind closed (and locked and triple bolted) doors, then you're going to have some down time to fill. Why not gather friends and family for an unforgettable night of Purge themed parlor games? Blind Man's Bluff becomes a whole lot more thrilling when played with a group of people who may actually harbor dangerous thoughts. Or how about musical chairs when you suspect the chairs may actually be booby-trapped? All fabulous fun.


Purge Night is a celebration of a Nation Reborn, so why not decorate your house to let everyone know that you are a proud supporter of the 28th! Nothing declares your true patriotism more than our Purge Shopping Channel yard signs and window stickers, available in our store. Our high-quality decorations are not only eye-catching, they are representations of the true spirit of Purge Night, giving friends and family the opportunity to engage in the fun together.

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